Hi, I’m Andy

I’ve been designing digital experiences for over 13 years across a variety of industries.

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I believe great product design comes from a focus on the right questions, not the right answers.

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UX / UI Design

Web Design


Passionate for all things creative.
Resourceful Problem Definer


Regardless of what the landscape may be, the principles remain the same; usability is about people and how they use and understand things, rather than technology. Ultimately, humans evolve much slower than technology and therefore, we turn our focus to how people interact with the products we create.


When designing a digital experience, I design for the users, not for myself. I create essential features that will respond to users’ feedback, a type of transition or animation. By strategically dividing information into essential sections, users can easily digest information. Designs ought to be clear and concise and refrain the user from thinking. I use familiar icons and/or elements in my design as much as possible.


It’s important to have empathy for users so they can have impactful digital experiences. For instance, captions on videos allow those with impaired hearing or who wish to watch without sound to still be a viewer. Good design means sufficient contrast between foreground and background colors. Voice recognition and text to speech are also very beneficial. A clear layout and good design enable a better user experience.

What they say about me

Andy is quite honestly one of the most versatile and invested in their craft and continued professional growth designers I had the pleasure of managing and collaborating with for over 4 years. He has a keen eye for design and a true passion for creative problem-solving. His technical skill set is wide-ranging and his inquisitive nature assures it continues to expand. Every time Andy mastered a new process or task at Pechanga he would ask and be ready for a new challenge. Capable and reliable to independently handle any and all assignments or situations, he particularly excelled at logo development and digital user-interface related projects. Beyond his advanced technical mastery, Andy possesses superior interpersonal communication and time-management competencies, which made him a joy to collaborate with and a team member to be counted on at all times. Andy is not only a team player and extremely thoughtful of coworkers, he always keeps the end-user and client experience in mind, which was apparent by his contributions during the design process. Andy is professional, dependable, and innovative, earning my highest recommendation for both hard and soft skills.

Sitara Dickson

Digital Marketing + Design | Brand Manager

A zen state of mind and a warrior’s approach to every design challenge that crosses his path. That’s my description of this amazing Visual Designer. I had the pleasure of working with Andy for 5 years at Pechanga Resort & Casino. Andy quickly established himself as a valuable asset and a leader at Pechanga. Andy possesses a broad range of design skills that allows him to fully comprehend the assignments, create and complete projects efficiently, and accurately. Andy strives for perfection in his work and the accolades he received annually for design at Pechanga are a testament to this. His positive energy along with his visual design talents are no doubt one of the many attributes that make him successful in everything he does. He navigates through a career path he is truly passionate about. Andy continues to stay abreast of current design trends, always developing new skills and sharing the knowledge with his peers. Working with Andy is a joy and any organization he is a part of would inevitably encounter the same experience.

Juan Gonzales

Visual Designer II @ Freedom Forever

Andy is a pleasure and inspiration to work with. His professionalism and proficiency in design and digital media are only matched by his problem solving and attention to detail. Always up for creative challenges and never shying away from tackling new techniques and approaches to his craft. He is someone that can be relied on in the workplace and is extremely capable of contributing to a team or on an individual basis. Andy is multifaceted and ultra-talented. I consider Andy a true professional and a needle in a haystack. I can’t say enough good things about him and his skill set. I definitely recommend and endorse Andy.

Marlon Abreu

Creative Visionary

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andy for several years and have found him to be the utmost professional. Calm, cool, and collected, Andy can always be relied upon for any task that comes across his path. He’s kind, considerate, and always takes constructive criticism and feedback to heart, with an eagerness to learn and an enthusiasm for excelling in his knowledge base. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Andy at any capacity. He is one who continually strives for excellence and would be an asset to any team.

Carol Anne Craft

Visual Designer | Art Direction

Andy is a designer with a wide variety of talents. He consistently created quality materials across multiple mediums: from web, to video and print. He was a great team member, a joy to work with, and a favorite around the office. I highly recommend him.

Jeffrey Miller

Agency Business Development @ Google

Andy is an excellent graphic design artist. Working is an extremely fast-paced environment, Andy never fails to deliver quality work on time. In addition to his design skills, Andy is an accomplished photographer and videographer, and he manages a heavy volume of print graphic design, layout, and installation. Always organized, always focused, and always a pleasure to work with.

Donal Hinman

Content Marketing Manager

I worked with Andy at a fast-paced direct response marketing company, where Andy was responsible for keeping up with often-changing visuals and graphic design needs for print, film, and internet media. Andy was flexible, fast, creative, and effective in his work and a very good-natured person whom I would not hesitate to work with again.

Ana Claudia Guedes

Intellectual Property & Business Attorney

Andy has a great disposition and very calm under pressure. He’s a creative designer and always enjoys learning new tools of the trade. A good guy to have on your team.

Kurt Otto

Creative Multimedia @ General Dynamics NASSCO

I worked with Andy for almost two years and he was very knowledgeable when it came to graphic design. Andy constantly was working on a variety of different projects that were very time-sensitive and had great attention to detail. Everything that Andy completed for the company was very well done and there were never any issues. It was a pleasure to work and get to know Andy – any company that he works for will be glad to have him!

Kathleen Crowell

Inventory & Logistics Manager