B.O.S.S. Case Study

Beverage Ordering Service System | Case Study


I was tasked to take lead in re-designing a digital product that would launch Pechanga’s guest experience to the next level. My responsibilities included: gathering all pre-existing screens and set of visual elements, allocate a system of colors for each button, implement modern features, and delivering a user interface system to be developed by a third-party company and executed by an in-house development team.

640 x 240 Pixels

What is B.O.S.S.?

B.O.S.S. stands for Beverage Ordering Service System. It is a leading digital system that allows customers to order drinks from a slot machine. The system allows customers to search by name or browse by category for beverages. Then, guests can customize their drinks exactly the way they want. Additionally, casinos get more detailed data about drink trends and real-time info, such as how many drinks guests order or the popularity of specific drinks at certain times.


Guests would sometimes have to wait up to 20 minutes to receive their drinks from the moment they placed the order. Servers spend more time delivering drinks and less time walking around taking orders.

Typography is a key element to communicate a unified personality for the product.
I utilized Proxima Nova because it is the staple font of this company’s brand.


The direction of the project was already determined from its inception. Meaning, my task was to design it using all brand colors and typeface. I was informed to not steer too far away from what the vendor initially proposed.

In my design, I sought to create a UI that respected both the aesthetic of the machine and brand. Initial concerns included making the UI light-on-dark to increase contrast and visibility inside the casino. I kept in mind the business goals and organizational capacity and decided to focus upon some key areas, including simplifying user experience around user on-boarding, with a strong focus on branding, visual appeal, and simplicity. The re-design was an attempt to address all of these shortcomings. Ultimately, the result was a cleaned and refined interface in conjunction with brand expression guidelines.

Modular Design System


With the implementation of the beverage ordering system, it not only allows guests to customize their drink order but getting a drink at their convenience is most important. It may be of distraction to look for servers to place a drink order. This system eliminates that. With the smart technology, there is traceability to allow the business to track where the player moved to by simply inserting in their club card into the machine, the server will be able to find the requestor.

Having this digital system put in place, customer service will heighten. There will be fewer errors from placing orders with servers and faster turnaround time. Also, you can easily make immediate menu updates and changes. The system will provide a wealth of information to the business about what customers are ordering when they are ordering it, how they like to pay for it, and more. Effortlessly grow the customer database and strategize new marketing techniques based on the retrieved data.



In hindsight, I wish I was more aware of the capabilities the third-party company had and wish I was given clear direction. I spent numerous hours initially designing the assets, in the latter was directed to designing the entire product with restrictions to not steer far from the original version. This, in turn, has taught me to be patient and be willing to do what is necessary. Overall, this project alone has ignited my new found passion for user experience design.